Hi! How can a shih tzu acquire mange?

Hi! I just want ot know how a shih tzu acquires mange? And also, is it possible that it can have mange by eating chicken liver? Thanks so much! ^^

Asked by Member 997443 on Oct 5th 2010 in Health & Wellness
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What kind of mange does your dog have?? Has it been checked by a vet to be sure that is what is wrong, and, if so, is it sarcoptic or demodex mange? First of all, there is NO WAY any dog can get either disease from eating chicken liver. Demodex mange is an immune system disorder that prevents the dog from fighting off the demodex mites and the dog ends up with the skin lesions from that. It is not contagious, in fact, all dogs have demodex mites present on their skin and normally their immune system keeps them from causing any problem.
Sarcoptic mange (also called red mange) is contagious to both dogs AND people. It is normally extremely itchy and usually affects the ear tips first then spreads from there. It can be caught from exposure to the mange mites either in another dog or in wildlife such as foxes.
Both of these types of mange require veterinary prescription drugs for treatment. It is important that if you suspect your dog has mange to get it treated immediately!

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There is two types of mange in dogs. It is caused by a microscopic mite.
The dog didn't aquire mange from eating chicken livers.
Either the dog just picked up the mites or came in contact with a dog that already has mites.
It is transmitted sometimes fairly easily.
If you have more then one dog most likely they will all get it depending on the type they have.

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