Hi have a two years old Irish Setter Golden Retriever mix that is jumpping and I don't know what to do we've tried e

Asked by Member 656701 on May 11th 2009 Tagged training in Movies & Television
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If you have EVER pushed your dog off of you, or yelled at them - in his mind, he is getting EXACTLY what he wanted- YOUR ATTENTION! Good or bad, the dog doesnt care! Goldens and Setters are both high energy breeds and you should do your part ot make sure he is getting PLENTY of exercise whether it be playing fetch in the yard, going for a swim, running along while you bike, or playing at the dog park. You should also invest in interactive toys like Kongs & Busy Buddies, some kind of food dispensing toy to feed him in so he WORKS for his meals and it kills time/energy throughout the day. As far as jumping up you can 100% turn your back and ignore him OR Take a treat- pea sized (hot dogs, chicken, something SUPER smelly). When your dog comes to you and you know he is going to jump- make sure he sees the treat before he gets to you and extend your arm out in front of you at his nose level. Ask for a sit before he gets into the optimum "jump" zone. and lure him to sit with the treat.

Stormy answered on 5/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


No matter how much exercise and activity dogs get, they must be trained not to jump up on you. The longer they have been allowed to do it, the longer it will take to train them out of it.

Consistently is very important in correcting jumping and other problems. Quickly correcting him each and every time he jumps on somebody is very important. He must never get the affection he wants. A number of things have been used. One of the most gentle is to grab his front paws and hold him up. The traditional knee to the chest or step on his paws are fading from use. As part of the the trend away from negative methods, just step backwards leaving his front feet to fall to the floor. After a few tries, the dog may just stand there looking confused.

Aster answered on 5/12/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Once he is up have you tried applying paw pressure in middle of foot, not hard just annoying to the dog. Once his feet are all on the ground praise him saying good boy/ good girl.
There are other methods, but no one is allowed to let him jump after training starts. No exceptions so he can learn and not get confused.

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