Help with my mini poodle. She was attacked in the rear end by our border collie/aussie shep mix.

The mini poodle's rear end keeps collapsing. Her rear legs cannot support her and they are very shaky and wobbly. We had her to the vet Fri which is the day of the incident but he did not take xrays and thought maybe just soreness from attack. There was no breaking of skin or bleeding as if from a bite. She now is not eating as usual, just a few bites. Can she have a back injury? We are concerned that we may be wasting time by waiting for improvement when there may be more involved and she may need surgery or other intervention? She is 12 y ears old 10/30 and was in good health otherwise before this happened.

Asked by Member 1196272 on Oct 26th 2013 Tagged backend, rearlegcollapse in Other Health & Wellness
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Tasha (in memory)

First off, you need to keep that other dog AWAY from her. When one dog sees signs of weakness in another, it brings out their prey instinct. Secondly, you can get the dog a strap on wheeling mechanism that she pulls with her front legs. You can see an example in the movie The Back-Up Plan of a chihuahua pulling a wheelie. No, you do not want to pay for surgery for a dog that is too old to live through it, but it is irresponsible to deny her future vet care. At least look into massage and make sure she eats, which she is not going to do if the other dog is ready to pounce at her. Woof to the world ^_^

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