Help with housetraining a rescue Pekingese

I rescued a pekingese recently, a little girl, she is 11 months old, she was treated poorly by her previous owner before being abandoned and as such has bad potty training habits. I have been trying the confinement thing after food and water and it helps for the most part, we live in a place where she can't go outside so she has to be indoors only, we have put pads down for her on the bathroom floor and when I confine her sometimes she gets it right, sometimes not, however my husband who works from home has to look after her during the day, some days she is great but she just does not get up to go to the bathroom she goes and wee's on the bed, or the couch or the wooden floors... please can someone help me with tips, I love her so much, I can't bear to have to find her a new home... is crate training the absolute best? I will buy one if I have to, and if so how long at one time can I put her in it for, next to my husband in the study, but in her crate? Thank u.

Asked by Member 1107398 on Feb 19th 2013 Tagged pekingese, rescue, cratetraining in House Soiling
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she is weeing everywhere coz she feels unsecure, she thinks things around her is more important, so she marks them like males.

Anyhow for training, this is what works for my shih tzus.

I feed them breakfast 9am, and then take them outside (in your case the bathroom with wee wee pads) and sit there until he/she goes, and then feed again at 7pm and then take them outside/wee wee pad and sit there until he/she goes. It took a LONG TIME before they got it, I had 3 x worst of pee and poop around the house at first but they get it now. You may need to add in treats for pooping and peeing as incentive to a positive experience she can link to while going on the wee wee pads, and if she is peeing around the house, try to empty her by taking her to the wee wee pad throughout the day and give her a praise "good girl! in a high pitch happy voice" or a treat, something positive.

IT will take some time perhaps an year or two to let her TRUST AGAIN.

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