Help with dog starting to mark territory in dogs/cats room.

My 4 year old corgi mix has started urinating in the room where his and my lab mix's crates are as well as the cats' litter boxes are. He has started to urinate on a plastic tote we have in there as well as the middle of the floor on occasion. We have put baby gate up to keep him out of there and on 1 or 2 occasions he has sprayed that a little bit. He is neutered, never had marking issues before. He has urinated in the house in other places because he just couldn't hold it anymore (which we are much more vigilant about) and he will submissively and excitedly pee a little here and there. He is a rescue and I love him to pieces. My wife is concerned about this because it is irritating to keep cleaning up pee but also we plan on having children and she doesn't want them crawling on urine soaked carpets. He will do this even if he is let out before and after eating. Would this have anything to do with the litter boxes being in that room? Please help.

Asked by Member 1139599 on Nov 7th 2012 Tagged marking, dog in House Soiling
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