HELP!!! putting down dogs.

Help. We got three family dogs, and we're considering on putting two of them down. One is a 7 year old cocker spanial.(gus) The other a 15 year old dashhound. (sassy) I grew up with gus, he was and is one of my best friends, and sassy we got from my grandpa after he passed away. Both dogs mean the world to me, and are going to be missed. Were putting theses dogs down for a few reason. 1. Gus is going blind and he can't see anything. He runs into things and we try everything we can to help him. Its not easy having a five dogs on a farm, and taking care of all the animals on the farm as well. Sassy. She has back problems, and she had blood sugar problems. We have to feed her every few hours, what isn't bad. Someones almost always home with her, but watching theses dog run into things and can't walk at times. IS hurting me and my mom really bad. Sassy has a sister what is doing great, but they been together their whole life. They have been sick when sepeatate. What should we do? HELP!!!

Asked by Belle on Aug 3rd 2010 Tagged blind, bloodsugarproblemsseperatebeforeanddidntdogoodneedhelp in Diabetes
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In Loving Memory of Tucker

My deceptively simple answer is, when they don't enjoy life anymore. In both cases I've had to do it, my boys were clearly ready to go. Their tails weren't wagging,their eyes were tired and listless. If Gus is still happy and affectionate, he'll learn to deal with his blindness. Sassy is tougher, but I believe at some point the amount of additional care she'll require will exhaust her as much as it does you, and you'll both know it's time to say goodbye. Good luck in this tough situation!

In Loving Memory of Tucker answered on Aug 3rd.

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Before considering putting them down, try as hard as you can to find a family for them. Ideally, so they could live together. There aren't many people who would want two dogs with seperate health problems, so keep in mind that it would be best to have them go to seperate families if no one will take them both.

Gus is blind, but you can always find someone that will take extra care for him. They'll help him as much as possible.

Sassy is old, has back problems- but that doesn't mean someone wont want this dog. She can also be helped and get her own needs from a family.

I don't know why you would want to put them down right away. My advice is to let tons of friends, family members, neighbors know and post flyers about these dogs. You can make them each a profile on and see if anyone is willing to contact you about adopting both of them, or one of them.

Do whats best for your dogs. Give them a chance and don't give up with finding a home for them.

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