HELP!! My Min Pin is overweight!

My Queenie is 20 lbs!! To me, she looks a bit heavy, but not overweight! The Vet always tells me that she needs to weigh around 15 pounds, i guess its supposed to be 1 pound per inch they are tall. She is very active, runs around alot in the house and backyard, but she REFUSES to go on walks! she is a bit finicky and get scared easily. So if I start to walk her, and something startlers her, she's ready to go home. I feed her Nature's Recipe Healthy Skin recipe. I give her 2/3 cup in the AM, and 1/2 cup of dry and a about 2 tablesppons of canned food mixed in the evening. When she goes out to use the bathroom, I stopped giving her treats and only give her 3 pieces of her dry food. I have to admit, i do give her some of my food sometimes when i eat, not a lot, but just a taste. I feel like I am already starving her with giving her a little over a cup of food a day! PLEASE HELP ME!!

Asked by Queenie on May 23rd 2012 in Other Food & Nutrition
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Bruno CGC

Whoa. That sounds like WAY too much food. Bruno eats only 2 cups of dry food per day, and he weighs 49 lbs. The amounts the label says to feed are almost always excessive. I would cut back to 1 cup per day (and use a real 8 oz. measuring cup if you don't already), no snack foods. Paradoxically, if you switch to food with slightly more fat, she may act less hungry because it's more satisfying. More protein would also be beneficial.

It may seem like you're feeding a tiny amount, but then again, she's supposed to be a tiny dog. 5 lbs overweight on her is like 50 lbs on you.

For more exercise, can you play tug or fetch with her? Encourage her to run around more? And on walks, I would work on desensitizing her to her fears. Don't pick her up or coddle her, and bring along a tug toy she likes to keep her focus and confidence. Be happy and confident, and she'll follow your example.

Bruno CGC answered on 5/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree that is way, way too much food for her. I feed my 15 lb mini poodles 3/4 cup of kibble per day, and they get ONE animal cracker at bedtime. They also get a minimum of two hours of very active exercise per day.
As with a human dieting, exercise is vitally important and also helps to curb the appetite.
Two tablespoons of canned food per day is most likely enough calories alone, without kibble, for a 15 lb dog.
If my dogs get canned food, some of the kibble is removed AND a 12 oz can is split between 8 dogs, so that is way less than two tablespoons, more like two teaspoons. NONE of my dogs are too thin, and some need to have their weight watched constantly to prevent them from gaining too much.

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Miss Priss

Hi, yes, to help her get rid of a few pounds please lessen her feeding amounts - Try a little less than 1/2 cup in the am and 1/3 cup in the pm ; Also, a good supplement to increase her energy and burn calories: This Wafer is great www.apluspetcare.com HAVE had great luck with this Wafer for calorie burn . Good luck little Queenie

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try takeing her fr walks even if sh wont budge she has to go and get exsersis if not try ure vets

t answered on 5/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I also agree you need to cut back on the food. Just do it a bit at a time until you get down to a better amount. You can also try putting green beans in with the food. This helps to fill them up and is good for them also. You may want to diet formula also. I used the green beans and Nutro Weight management for my dog and it did take the weight off of him.

Kazba answered on 6/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


im in the same boat as you ,my Pinny weighs more than my Boy Min Pin !! and he is 10yrs old .my Pinny is 2yrs old And wont go for a walk ,scared of cars and noises .I do give her treats every time she goes outside to potty.She wont go outside to potty unless Im on the porch with her.

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