HELP! My dog is dog aggressive?


I have a 4 year old Lab/Border collie mix, & suddenly he has become aggressive around dogs his size. Note I said dogs his size, he's perfectly fine with small dogs. He is the friendliest dog in the world with people, and small dogs, but when I take him on walks and he sees a dog his size he will pull the leash, bark, jump, and his hair on his back will stick up, which isn't a good sign. He gets along with my standard poodle and she is about his size.

I will fully admit this may be for the lack of exercise, and I am 100% completely willing to give him the exercise he needs, but I'm just so scared to take him out on walks, in case I lose control of him & he attacks another dog. It seems like there is no way of avoiding it when he sees another dogs.

What should I do to control him when he sees other dogs? I would love to take him on my runs, but I'm just afraid!

Asked by Sparky on Jan 2nd 2013 Tagged dogaggressionattack in Behavior & Training
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Since this post is two weeks old already, was wondering if you tried anything in the interm that was helpful?

Sometimes it is our body language, our non-verbal cues that make the dog act this way, because he's done it before, now you subconciously expect him to lash out and any tension you have, stiffening up or tightening the leash, make him sense your fear and act out to protect you. It's complicated. Exercise is good. But at his age, I would look in to consulting a professional. It's hard to make suggestions wihtout seeing the situation. Usually Labs are so mild, it's the Border Collie coming out!

For videos on dog intelligence and aggressive family dog tips please visit best Deals more with dog aggression within families, but may have some useful points for you too:)

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