HELP!! My 3lb chihuahua inhaled meth!

I let an ex friend watch my baby Lucy for an hour this morning, & he had her in his small room with 4 other people smoking methamphetamine. One of the people in the room told me the whole room was in a cloud of smoke. What do I do?! She doesn't seem much different other than she seems pretty upset, & I tired to give her a treat. Usually she goes crazy when I even touch the treat jar, but I had the treat in my hand in front of her & she just layed there, not showing any excitement at all :/ I never payed much attention to her breathing before, but it seems abnormal for a tiny dog. She is breathing really slow, I timed my breathing with hers, & I run out of breath before she inhales again. Her breaths are really shallow as well. I don't know what to do!! Help!

Asked by Member 1172377 on May 28th 2013 Tagged help, emergency, sick in Emergencies & First Aid
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