Help!! Jealous Dog???

I've been having an issue with the dog we got about three months ago. He adores me, which is a great thing, unfortunately he does not seem so fond of my boyfriend. Loki (the dog) will wedge himself in between us, push and kick my boyfriend out of bed and off the couch, bite at his feet to get him to wake up so he will get out of bed. (he hasn't hurt him) He also misbehaves when he is around, and has a lot of "potty" accidents when he is here. So what is the issue, and what can I do to calm it down if not stop it all together? We also have a 18 month old son who he also does this with, but nearly as bad, I think because the child is here all the time, my boyfriend is not. Loki is 11 months, we have had him for 3.

Asked by Member 1156978 on Feb 25th 2013 Tagged jealousy in Behavior & Training
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It sounds like Loki just needs some training. To stay put when you say stay put. Try basic training and if need be go to advance training. It will be very important to get Loki to behave so the behavior doesn't progress to worse. I know a lot of people don't like to hear the "training" word but it truly can save the day. Loki needs to be trained to go to her own bed if she will not share. Loki needs to learn not to chew on toes, potty training, etc. With an 18 month old son, I would take training very seriously and get Loki help. Sit, Stay, Down and Off. You can not be passive. You will have to be consistent and mean the words. We trained our Yorkie at 1yr and 1/2 it did wonders for his personality. Much calmer Yorkie. Teach Loki to go to bed and stay there. You will be a big part of his success. If you falter Loki will falter. Get the treats out and start training, you don't have to wait until you find a class.

Patches answered on 2/25/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


All of this sounds like a spoiled, untrained dog.! People find that puppies are cute..but when he grows up & has issues..not so cute.
Training is NOT optional. ALL dogs need training...every day.
Exercise is also NOT an option. Get him out for an hour a day.
You have a very serious issue developing here, especially with a young child in the mix. Never leave the dog & child unsupervised together.
Loki is entering the bratty teen age stage. He will need positive, consistent training.
"The Power of Positive Dog Training" by Pat Miller, & "Train Your Dog Like a Pro" by Jean Donaldson are 2 excellent, inexpensive books that can help you out. Jean includes a dvd with her book.

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