Help is my dog pregnate?!?

I adopted and dog from horrible living conditions in late October . I took her to the vet and soon after realized she was in heat. I didn't let her out of my sight for more then 10 minutes but now her attitude has changed. She attacked me . She attacked my other female dog over a toy. She is drinking a lot. Hoarding toys when she couldn't have cared less about them and now I've noticed her nipples are lactating ! Is she for sure pregnate or is this something else's ? Help!!!' I just want her to live happily with my other doges and have a much better life

Asked by Member 1149138 on Jan 9th 2013 Tagged obsessive, lactating, possessive, angry, help in Pregnancy
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It is certainly possible that she could get bred in just ten minutes!!!
It is also possible that she is having a false pregnancy, which many female dogs do, as all the symptoms you describe can be the result of either pregnancy OR a false pregnancy.
If you know the dates when she was in heat, figure 63 days from the END of her heat. If it is well past that, which it might well be, then she is having a false pregnancy and is not pregnant.
However, only your vet can tell for sure so an exam is the best idea right now. At that exam you should also schedule her for her spay and you won't have to worry about ANY of these problems ever again after that!

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