Help!!! I have a small dog who keeps barking!!!

My dog Marley has excessive barking issues toward people and other dogs. Ive tried tugging him back on the leash when were walking, but i also read that it just causes them to be more aggressive. Ive tried walking by people anyway but as soon as he sees other dogs he starts barking and its embarissing! he also barks when he sees people through the window... i was thinking of trying the spray bottle method but i dont want him to get more scared. I have run out of ideas, hes such a cute, loving dog once he gets to know you... I should also add he barks at other dogs but when he gets close hes submissive... im obviusally doing somthing wrong, can someone help !, I want walks and people to come over an enjoyable thing :)

Asked by Marley on Dec 3rd 2012 Tagged barking in Barking
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Work with Marley on paying attention to you. Start when you are in the house with no distractions, Say his name and when he gives you eye contact give him a treat, work on this on your walks with him, treat him every time he gives you eye contact. Then use this when you are walking and see a person or a dog, try to get his attention early on and keep him focused by working on tricks he knows, like sit, down, shake etc. You can also get him focus on you in the house when guests come over doing the same thing. Once he realizes that yummy treats are coming from you he will be too focused on you to bark. Be patient this will take some time and a lot of work.

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