Help!! I can't get this puppy housebroken.

We got her when she was four months old and I can not get her housebroken. We feed her on a schedule, keep a close eye on her, take her out after meals, naps, and play, clean up well after accidents, use treats as rewards and even tried to get her to use poochie bells. She continues to have accidents and does not seem to have the slighest clue to go outside and let us know. I feel that any success has been us catching her not that she is gaining any control. I am beginning to fear we will never get her housetrained.

Asked by Summer on Mar 24th 2010 Tagged housebreaking in Behavior & Training
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It sounds like you are doing everything right, I am wondering though, since you are rewarding positive behavior, if you are also voicing dissaproval for negative behavior. I know we all harp on how important it is to practice patience, which I totally agree, but sometimes they need to learn what a stern NO means. If you can catch her in the act, that is when you say NO in a very stern voice, pick her up immediately and take her out. She will eventually associate your dissaproving voice with peeing inside. If you see her pee in the house, and aren't close enough to stop it, your loud NO, will startle her and then take her on out and let her finish.
If you are already trying these methods, and they just aren't working, you might consider bringing in a professional. It may be costly, but in the long run it will save you money by not having to replace carpets or wood floors.
Good luck!!!

Gidget answered on 3/24/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Crate train :-)
Keep her in her crate at all times when you can not watch her 100%. Take her out every two hours to the same spot outside ( that teaches her to go straight there when she goes). If she does not go then put her back in her crate for 15 min and take her back out. If you catch her having an accident give her a firm "no" and take her immediately to her spot outside. If she goes outside make it a big deal with treats and loveins. Stick with this and she will potty trained in no time :-)
Good luck

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Read through what I have posted at Note, I limit crating to when you can't watch the puppy. I also cover training the dog you will let it out if it goes to the door.

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I agree you need to start back at housebreaking 101 and use a crate and/or confine the dog to one room that you are in, and keep it leashed to you so you will notice when she needs to go.
I do strongly disagree with Gidget's suggestion to let the dog know your disapproval by a loud voiced word!!! If your dog knows you do not want her to pee in your view, she will merely learn to do it when you are not watching or she will just sneak off into another room and do it there. Not something I want to teach my puppy!!!

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We are having the exact same problem with our 4 month old...he was a rescue. We have been doing every thing you guys have been doing as well. We also use the crate...but he pees in his crate everytime.They say they will not pee where they sleep but it's like he could care less. He's never left in the crate for too long.I keep him on a leash in the house with me and watch him all the time. He can have just gone to the potty outside and will still have an accident a few minutes later. I'm at a loss as well.He is fixed and is not marking. He just has no idea that outside is where you should potty. He's been to the vet with and has a clean bill of health. If you have any luck fixing this PLEASE let us know....just so we know there's some hope!

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