HELP! How do I stop my dog from destroying things?

I have recently moved into an apartment with my friend and her dog. My dog is a little over a year old and her dog just turned 3. Our dogs have known each other for awhile and have been friends. We have both been experiencing some issues with this. Her dog has become more dominant that she already was, stealing treats and toys from my dog. She actually attacked my dog twice over a bone. We had to tear her dog off of my dog. My dog, however has started destroying different things. A couch cushion, and two pairs of my roommate's shoes. I have locked up my shoes in the front closet and suggested she do the same. She thinks that I need to lock my dog up in a cage when we leave for work and she should not have to put her shoes away. I feel that locking my dog up in a cage and leaving her dog out while we are both gone will not help. I think it will only make my dog sad and confused and her dog more dominant. What do I do?

Asked by Member 1022417 on Feb 8th 2011 Tagged chewing, destroying, puppy, newroommate, badbehavior, shoes, twodogs, aggressive, dominant in Chewing
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Sounlds like your dog is bord give your dog lots of exercise some breeds need up to two hours a day. get your dog some kong toys put some peanut butter in it. That will keep your dog busy for a little bit. When you are gone i would put him in creat.

Lexie answered on 2/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If there are aggression issues with either dog BOTH dogs should be crated while there is no one at home to supervise them.
It sounds as if your dog might be suffering from stress, especially if he's never destroyed things before. For his own safety, keep him locked up. What if he chews on her shoes and a piece gets lodged in his throat?
How long have you two been living together?

Chase answered on 2/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


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Member 1016368 answered on 2/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Alabama, CGC -

This is a difficult & multi-layered problem.
--The first is whether you want to stay there if this situation is so stressful. Dogs living together can be stressful for dogs & humans alike
--Second, based on your statements, it sounds as if the other dog shows possession aggression regarding food (aka resource guarding the bone) & that possibility makes it risky to leave your dogs alone without separating them. I recommend leaving each in your separate rooms &/or teaching them both to crate. & no bones/chews when they're together
--Third, your dog may be stressed or bored. Management is the best start to working on the destruction issue - this means dog-proofing the apt. Your roommate should put her stuff in her room & close the door. Common courtesy. YOU - give your dog interactive toys (kongs stuff w. dogfood not just PB) & give more exercise. Also consider "Through A Dog's Ear" CD, 3 drops Rescue Remedy 3x/day, Comfort Zone. CALM. Good luck!

Leigh Sansone, CPDT-KA

Miss Alabama, CGC - "Allie" answered on 2/14/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer