Help for itchy Cavalier!

Our Cavalier King Charles spaniel has been itching like crazy for weeks now.

Three months ago, our vet put Cooper on Hill's Prescription Z/D dry food and all treats (except for organic chicken jerky) were removed from his diet due to allergies. At the time, our issue was coughing and sneezing--and the diet change helped.

But, in the last few weeks, he has begun itching like crazy - to the point where he has ripped out patches of hair and has scabs on his legs and belly from constant scratching and biting.

I checked him for fleas and found nothing.

Our vet put him on a hypoallergenic shampoo that must be used weekly, a steroid conditioning spray for itchy areas, prescribed antibiotics to fight infection, gave him a Vetalog shot (steroids) and told us to try Claritin 10mg once daily.

We saw improvement for the first 4-5 days--but we're now right back where we started. He's scratching like crazy and nothing seems to soothe him.

It appears that the Vetalog did help him—but I’m leery of having my dog get steroid shots weekly…

We have a follow up vet appointment on Saturday - but I was wondering if anyone else had any success in dealing with Cavalier skin allergies?

(By the way, we live in Austin, TX.)

Many, many thanks in advance!

Asked by Cooper on May 20th 2008 Tagged skinallergies in Health & Wellness
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~Angel (RIP 11/20/07)~

It sounds like he is allergic to something in the food. Try something grain free with a different protein (Hill's is full of grains and fillers).

You are right about the steroids. For some reason this is the answer from every vet I have heard of...shots, drugs, sprays...the real answer is to just change the diet. Or ask your vet to do an allergy test. But that costs a lot of money and it is usually the food.

~Angel (RIP 11/20/07)~ answered on 5/20/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer