Help, camping with dogs..

My husbands work is planning a camping trip & my husband asked if id like to go, id loveee to... but heres the thing.. ive never camped with a dog before let alone THREE of them! when we go 2 of my dogs will be 8 1/2 months and the other will be 4 months. any tips???

Asked by Cassius on Sep 4th 2012 in Other Travel & Recreation
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Wow..that will be a LOT of work. I camp with my dogs all the time..but we go out in the jeep & find isolated spots. Then they can run & enjoy the whole woods/mountains thing. I take enough food to last for the a few extra days, in case we can't get out when we want. I also take their bowls & night collars that light up. They sleep with me in the tent, or the back of the Jeep.
If it is a work related thing there will probably be a lot of people, plus it would be in a camp ground. Many/most of these require dogs to be leashed at all times. This means you need either tie-out stakes. or use the picnic table. All of your time will be spent making sure your dogs are OK..not tangled or barking & being a nuisance..not much fun for you, or the dogs. I suggest you board the dogs if you go & maybe just do a separate trip with hubby & dogs later when there won't be so much stress. Another point..if the dogs DO become a nuisance how will that reflect on your hubby, & you?

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