I recently took Malachai to the vets for checkup/shots etc. since his former family didn't . He ended up having hookworms so the vet gave us dewormer. She also gave me Heartguard and Frontline for him. I worry about allergies so I gave him the dewormer Thursday and just gave him his Frontline tonight (if he had any reactions, I wanted to be able to tell if it was from shots, dewormer etc..) I didnt even think to ask, but is it okay to give him his heartguard while he is on the dewormer? I didn't know if they had some of the same ingredients in and could hurt him?

Asked by Malachai on Aug 9th 2008 in Heartworm Control
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Yes, he can have the Heartguard now. You are wise to space them out a bit. It is such a toxic overload to dump everything in his system at once.

I recently adopted a young dog from a shelter. She has hookworms and whipworms. I gave her the Panacur, then the Sentinel several days later.

Is your vet reworming him in 3 weeks to get the stragglers and larve that weren't developed when you gave the first wormer?Then a retest a week after that to make sure Malachi is clear? That's the plan here.

Worms sound so gross, but what is gross is not taking care of them. They are so hard on a dog's system.

Moira answered on 8/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer