Has anyone had a similar problem with their dog pulling on walks and found a solution?

I've tried everything I could find to get my dog to stop pulling on walks. I had him in obedience classes as soon as he was old enough and he only got worse over time with their tips (stopping when he pulls or taking a step back). He just constantly pulls throughout the walk and lunges at leaves, other dogs, cats, people and a hundred other things. He completely ignores treats and corrections. Exercise beforehand doesn't make a difference.
I've tried a regular collar, a martingale, a Halti and a slip chain. He acts the same on all of them.
I don't want to hear from anyone that's just going to judge me for any of those choices. I would never do anything to hurt my dog and always get advice from a trainer before trying anything. I just need some new ideas here. No matter what collar or harness I use, my dog is going to end up hurting himself with the constant pulling and lunging.

Asked by Member 1167107 on Apr 25th 2013 in Leash Walking
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