Has anyone gotten a Therapy Certification from SARAORG?

Over two months ago I sent two applications for Therapy Dog Certifications and $80 to SARA. Over two weeks ago I sent an additional $7 for postage. I have not received the certificates, nor have I had a return email, nor a return phone call from my inquties. Does anyone know if this is a legitimate company?

Asked by Member 1068147 on Nov 3rd 2011 in Laws & Legislation
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Wow, I admit, I have never heard of Sara, but I would have to be suspect of ANY organization that offered Therapy Dog Certification over the web or by mail.
The most important aspect of therapy work is testing the handler/dog team to ensure they are not a danger to clients and/or other therapy teams.
I know of no way possible this testing can be done without physically evaluating the team and doing the testing in person, nor do I know of any insurance company which will offer coverage to dogs tested via the internet.
I did check out website and they say nothing at all about therapy dog certification, only about search and rescue.
They DO talk about problems with hackers on their site... I suspect you may have been taken.

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