Has anybody had reiki done on their dogs, if so did it help?

Asked by Member 1057797 on Sep 23rd 2011 in Alternative Treatments
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no but a friend did this on my finger that I could hardly bend and over night it was normal I could bend it and I had this problem for a week so I will let you dicide if it helped me and if it will help your dog do you know how to do it, if not you take your hands one above one below or if the site is too big then on the top you imagine heat and healing and a blue light on them concentrate hard and think of this healling light I hear the hands will feel hot I never felt this on her but she seemed to feel it the heat got to hot for her and she stopped, I have not had no trouble with my finger since. Try it you hold this image as long as you can and you can do it as long or as many times a day you think you should BUT if there is something wrong more then a sore leg or a sore joint you need to see a vet this DOES NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF A VET. Hope all goes well.


Starbutt answered on 10/14/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer