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Guess His Breed

Okay, I have asked this question about Bandit the mix of 2 breeds. I got 4 guesses, all were "Rottie & something" Guesses for the secondary breed were Dobie, Lab, and Pit Bull. Hint: None of those are the other breed ;) I got a request for better pictures, so here's all the pics I have of him:

Again, this is just a 'game' I already know his breeds but am curious if the other breed is visible to anybody... (I would never guess it if I didn't know... here's a hint: It's a very popular breed :)

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Asked by Otto 2011-2013 sleep well ange on Apr 21st 2012 in Breeds
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OKay, maybe now i know:) I am now thinking it is some kind of shepard, maybe german, or great dane. I am starting to think dane for the tallness, large paws, and partially the skull structure. I am also thinking shepard because of the coat, large paws, an partially the face and ears. Can you please pawmail me if i got it right? or wrong? I am now very curious as to his two breeds. Just don't tell me the two breeds please, I want to keep guessing until I want to get it right:p.Thanx, hope this helped, best regards;P

Rocket answered on Apr 22nd.

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Jessie (CGC, TDI)

Is the other breed a beagle or some kind of hound? Could you pawmail me with the answer. I am really interested to know what mix he is.

Jessie (CGC, TDI) answered on 4/22/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer