Grandma Mae's Country Naturals Dog Food...... Does anyone else feed their dog this?

Hi, I feed my pitbull puppy Country Naturals Dog Food. It is fairly new and only sold in local type pet stores (not sold through chains) I was wondering if anyone else feeds their dog this food? I love that my puppy loves it! I was even giving it to him as training treats! That is how much he loves it! It has really good ingredients too, that was my main focus when picking out a food. I am not able to find much information about it on the net, so that's why I was wondering if anyone else uses this food??

Asked by Member 788419 on Jan 8th 2009 in Pet Food
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We looked at Grandma Mae's as a possible option for our rotation (we rotate foods for our dogs to keep their interest up and to help their health), but they list Brewer's Rice as the 6th ingredients in their adult kibble. We don't feed our dogs any brewer by-products, so we chose not to try it out.

I know the puppy blend also has Brewer's Rice, as well as beet pulp, two things you should attempt to stay away from if you can. Certainly, it is up to you, but you might like another superior brand (use and pick a 5 or 6 star food) that doesn't used these inferior ingredients. Good luck!

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