Grain-Free Dog Foods? EVO and Orijen

Hey Guys, I'm new here and I just have a few questions. I have a 11 month old Bichon Frise. Her name's Nikki and she's 10 lbs.

I currently feed her Innova Puppy Dry Dog Food and we're planning on switching her to adult food at 12 months. We want to switch to a grain-free food like EVO and Orijen (rotating) and would like to know some opinions.

I heard GREAT things about those brands and wanted to switch her to grain-free (after all she is a dog). I have heard these aren't suitable for small dogs but also that they are. Has anyone fed their small breed any of these brands?

I also heard that super high protein foods gives kidney stones/kidney failure. But the test was done on rats (which are herbivores) so I don't really believe it. But I am a paranoid doggy mom and bichons are prone to kidney stones.

Sorry for making it so long, I just really need help deciding :P

Asked by Nikki on Apr 14th 2008 Tagged innova, evo, small, dog, breed, orijen, grain, free, food, kibble in Pet Food
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Lots of dogsters are pleased with those 2 foods, but I'm not a good source, because I am not familiar with small dogs. There is a spot in Forums (at the top of the page) where you can ask this and get more informed answers or put any of the code words like 'Small dog and Orijen' in the search box in 'Forums'. When I want specific info, I have found the forums the way to go. Open any question in the dog food section and choose 'ask a new question' or 'start a new thread', however it's worded.

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I have a Maltese that has allergies. I just started feeding him "Taste of the Wild" Salmon. His feet seem less itchy now. It has no grains and was also highly recommended. Have you ever heard of it?

Riley's mom

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We tried EVO small bites red meat with no success with Molly (10 lbs soaking wet). Her tummy couldn't handle it and we did transition slowly over several weeks. Finally tried a Grain-free variety of Natural Balance (Sweet potato and Venison) supplemented with frozen raw medallions from Nature's Variety and that seems to be working beautifully. Thankfully, there are a lot of really good grain-free options out there. Hope you find the right mix soon!

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Ginger Smiles Primm

Our Minpins are 10 pounds. After being HORRIFIED over the side affect of Science Diet (premature grey, etc.) we switched to EVO.Weve been on it for 6 months. One pup does have a history of sensative stomach and we just feed boiled chkn and rice till it goes away. Ginger is loosing her winter coat and her coat looks a little thin but she is a product of bad breeding so it could be that. Good Luck!

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