Good Border Collie breeder?

I am looking for a really good border collie breeder. I really dont want anything to do conformation show breeders. I am looking for a working BC and to train as a Therapy dog. A good temperament is necessary!! Anyone have any good suggestions?? I was looking into Hob Nob and G Force Border Collies. Hob Nobs seem to be really well trained and very very active but not much interaction with kids and strangers. G Force has 4 kids and constant interaction with kids and new people but it doesn't say much about what she does with her dogs....

Thanks for any info!!

Asked by Magic on Dec 18th 2011 in Border Collie
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Why not look into a rescued Border Collie? Rescued Border Collies can be trained to be a therapy dog. Rescued Border Collies can fit all your needs. Take a look here, here's a Border Collie rescue -

As you can see, there are some wonderful dogs there who are waiting for a home.

However, here are some good Border Collie breeders -

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