GNC Relax for dogs

My miniature Dashund pepper is an extremely anxious dog. I was looking at some remedies for her and came across  GNC Pets Ultra Mega Relax for Dogs. I looked at the ingridents and it has 50 mg of Hops (which I think is fatal to dogs) and the following ingridents:

Chamomile - 50 mg
Ginger - 40 mg
Taurine - 20 mg
L- Tryptophan - 10 mg

Does this sound like something that would be safe to try? And if not does anyone have any other suggestions for anxious dogs?

Asked by Pepper on Sep 6th 2012 in Separation Anxiety
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I dont know about this product but I know many people around me use a product called Rescue Remedy pets. Its an all natural product which works great. I use it for Josie because she has severe thunderstorm anxiety and with her epilepsy she would throw herself into a seizure. We started giving her Rescue Remedy about 20 mins before a storm and she would be okay during the storm and would not have a seizure. I know other people who use it daily for their anxious dogs and other people who use it for special situations such as vet visits, clipping nails, and other stressful situations for their pets.

Maggie answered on 9/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I answered this question the first time you posted it, now I need to clarify MY answer where I stated that hops is not fatal and is used in MANY dog foods.
This is referring to refined hops in minute amounts, amounts such as 50mg per tablet, much different than a dog munching on hops.
MANY plants and other chemicals are extremely toxic/fatal when taken in large doses but are extremely useful when used in small amounts in medicines, etc. A good example is Digitalis... the common foxglove flower. The plant itself is extremely poisonious however, digoxin, derived from this plant, is a lifesaving heart drug used for both humans AND dogs.
Another example would be the common flower, painted daisy or garden mum. It is also poisonious but is used in medicine as pyretherin, a common flea and tick product, safe in small doses but also toxic when over dosed.
Even "normal" products can be fatal in the wrong amounts...everyday medicines like antibiotics are often fatal if you take too much!

Member 641257 answered on 9/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer