German Shepherd chronic diarrhea... help!

I got him some Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy food. He would get diarrhea mostly at night accompanied with A LOT of VERY smelly gas. Sometimes he would burp with a smell identical to the fart. After a few bags of Blue Buffalo, I got him Innova Large Breed Puppy. Nothing changed. I want to feed him grainless food like Innova EVO, so I got him some of that after a couple months and started transitioning it very slowly (always). His gas went away for a bit, but then after a week (up to half and half in the transition), it returned. Throughout this entire problem, he's been having diarrhea accidents, liquid poop at night, firm poop by day, and he farts the night away. Why would time of day make a difference? He isn't lethargic, so I doubt giardia, and I haven't seen worms. I have begged my mother for 3 months to take him to the vet, but she won't and I'm out of work. Titan means so much to me and I'm not giving up going to the vet, but I need to know what to do until then. PLEASE help!

Asked by Titan on Feb 22nd 2009 Tagged chronic, diarrhea, gas, puppy in Health & Wellness
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Take the dog to the vet and work out the financials later. If your dog means that much to you, then you can find a way to pay off the bill, but I'd take him to the vet. Maybe you could, and I'm not joking, clean out the dog runs or do other things around the clinic to pay off the bill.
Have you compared the ingredients of the food from each brand? Is there something, even a small ingredient, that might be in each of the foods that you've tried that he might be allergic too? You just may have over looked an ingredient. A lot of dogs are allergic to chicken or meal or gluetin, but your dog could be allergic to some small ingredient that you didn't give much thought to. A good blood work over from the vet could find something, if there's something to find. Or they could do some food allergy tests.
Call the vet, ask questions, tell them your situation and just see what they have to offer. You have nothing to lose by making a phone call.

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I agree with the last poster, a guess and check isn't good enough when nothing is working and your dog isn't feeling good. You need to find a way to get the poor thing to a vet so you can make him feel right!
Sell something, get a job, call the vet and ask about payment plans. I know it's hard, but it has to be done.

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If he is burping poopy smells from mouth he may be eating poo outside and since it has already passed through him eating it will just make him have more running stools. So I would investigate him when he is outside through the window/and clean all waste out of the yard.
Sounds like mostly he needs to go to the vet. You can ask to make payments. He needs stool sample examined and he needs to have his temp taken. If he has a fever or low grade most likely it is viral infection, he will have to have antibotics. The dirrehea will make his condition worse. He will become dehydrated and have more problems. Sounds like it is not a diet issue, and this is been going on too long.
The only food I feed my dog is Royal Canin 24 and it is around 49-55 dollars for large bag. gsd sometimes need food designed for their digestive system, they can be touchy sometimes.

Dieta answered on 2/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Zackintosh CJ

I noticed the pics of him playing in the water, so giardia is possible.
Have the vet test him for it, (may take some effort but will be worth it)
If its not that, or any other health issue, then I agree with the others.
Put him on an elimination diet and try LOTS of different foods with different ingredients.

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