German Shepard/Labrador Retreiver Mix Puppy ?

I'm going to be getting a Labrador/GSD mix in about 2 weeks from a friend of my aunts whos a breeder. And was wondering the following..

- The Size when it's full grown

- Will he have more energy then me? ( I tired a Border Collie out when I was a boy (:.. )

- Should I go to the Vet immediatly after getting my Pup?

- What the Personality and Temperment be like? (
I had a GSD before so I understand that half)

- And finally when should I start socializing the puppy?

Thanks a lot! Im super exited if you cant tell :P and I really want to do everything right with my puppy.

I'll have pictures up in once I get him if you want.

Asked by Member 976931 on May 4th 2010 in Behavior & Training
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Less bluntly... please do not call a person who lets dogs of different breeds have puppies together...
Breeders study their dog breed, show and title their dogs, do all necessary health clearances prior to breeding and only breed dogs together of the same breed who have proper health, temperament and conformation. Breeders answer all questions like yours PRIOR to allowing you to own one of their dogs. Breeders will also ask YOU questions prior to you owning one of their dogs. Breeders will only place their dogs with you after they know you understand the traits of the breed, the care and handling of that breed and how you plan to care for and train that dog.
Breeders will require you to immediately visit your vet as part of their contract, although the new pup will have current vaccinations, wormings, and a health certificate from their own vet when it leaves them.
Your aunt's friend is NOT a breeder, she is allowing mixed breed dogs to indiscriminately create more homeless d

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I had a lab-shep & he was one of the best dogs ever! He was about 70 lbs when full grown. He had the fetch drive of a lab and loved to play frisbee, so I would take him to the park & play that for about 20 minutes. As he matures, he will slow down a bit. My guy was very calm, loyal, loving...the best of both breeds! Very smart and easily trained. Yes, a vet check after you get him would be great. You want to get him a schedule for all his shots & make sure he is healthy. Start socializing right away, but avoid parks where an unhealthy dog may have been. Instead set up play dates with dogs you know have all their shots. Once your guy is fully vaccinated he will be OK to go to the parks. Congrats on your pup! Post pics when you get him.

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Since dogs' size and temperament vary so much within in a breed, it is difficult to answer those questions. Likely it will be much like one of the parents.

As for the vet, it depends on how well you know the breeder and trust her. I usually get 7 week old puppies from service dog schools and they have had a combo shot at 6 weeks. I then wait until 8 weeks when my vet likes to give the second one. If the puppy won't have had any shots, or you have doubts about the breeder, an immediate visit would be best.

The older the puppy, the more important it is to start carefully introducing it to the human world. Many so called reputable
breeders hold the puppies until 12 weeks, the end of the period accept new things best. The period between 6-12 weeks is a dangerous time. One sniff where a sick dog relieved itself in the last 6 months can bring on parvo or another life threatening disease. Fail to expose it to strangers, including men, women, children, noise, etc. and you could end up with a misfit you can't take out in public. They also need continuing contact with other dogs, but it must be limited to ones you know are getting good care.


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Toto hit the nail on the head!

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