fourche terrier ( westie yorkie mix) traits

Asked by Member 1156128 on Feb 20th 2013 in Breeds
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Since they are not a breed but a mix it is hard to predict specific traits. You can get the best of both breeds OR you can get the worst of both breeds or somewhere in between.
Purebreeds have generations and generations of breeding for the same type and traits so it is easier to predict what you will get. Mixed breeds are anyone's guess, and each puppy in the litter can look AND act different from both parents and each other.
If you are getting one of these mixes I would suggest studying BOTH breeds and being prepared for anything, including the worst of the bad.
If you already have one you will find that your pup is an individual and has his/her own traits which are NOT dependent on the parents or others of the same mixture of breeds.

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