Foul-smelling burps

Since yesterday Ava's been having burps that could clear a room. Called the vet and they said she's probably just a little gassy, and to keep an eye on her and it should clear up on it's own.

Well today she's still burping and it's still just as foul. Her poop has been runny too. I have a feeling it might be the acorns she and her new Husky friend were eating at the dog park the other day. (Husky was helping her find them, I swear)

We can't see the vet today, but if she's still like this tomorrow I'm taking her in. Until then is it safe to give her tums to help with gas?

Asked by Ava on Dec 16th 2009 Tagged burp in Other Health & Wellness
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No, don't give her tums. Call the vet and ask if she can have a half of a pepcid (the pill, not the chewable tablets) and if you get an ok on that, this might help her with the gas.

Sounds like it more than likely is the acorns, which can be bad if she eats too many, so try to keep her away from them if you can.

I agree that you should take her in tomorrow just to be safe if she's still like this. If you can, get a stool sample in the morning at least an hour or so before the appointment.That will help them check her stool for bacteria, but I think it's likely the acorns.

Jack answered on 12/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Be careful about those acorns. I have a Dogster pal who had to have expensive surgery to remove an acorn that caused an impaction.

Member 201551 answered on 12/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer