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Flying into SFO from Germany - what are the procedures?

Hi Everyone!
I will be bringing my dog back with me from Germany. He will be flying in the cabin with me. I have been to SFO once before about 10 years back and just remember it being huge. Has anyone brought a dog with them into that airport before and can give me a run down on the procedures? I am waiting to hear back from SFO, too, but would like input from the dog-owners perspective :)
All his paperwork is in check, so no problem there. I know immigration for "humans" can take a while but is there a special procedure or desk when you have a dog with you? Do I give my vet's letter and my dog vaccination papers to the immigration officer?
Just want to be well informed before I arrive- it is going to be exciting enough already...
Thanks for your info!

Asked by * In loving memory * Jin ~ 1/9 on Mar 21st 2010 in Air Travel
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The rules vary from airline to airline and change frequently. Call the airline you expect to use and talk to them. Get the name of who you talk to and write it down.

Many airlines have have the info on their website.

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