First time camping with my dog, advice?

I've decided to go camping for my birthday and there is a nice beach area that also has a dog beach, dog park and pet friendly campsites. I've been camping before, but this will be the first time for my dog or that I take any of my dogs with me.

What are some recommendations for camping (things to buy, things to do, things to not do, etc)? We'll be camping on a beach in Florida, so hiking gear or anything intended for more northern camping isn't necessary.

This is also the first time she will be at a dog beach, should I invest in a dog life jacket? I doubt she'll go in the water to begin with, and definitely none higher than she is tall. She is a 2 year old Pointer/Lab mix.

Asked by Cairo on Jun 3rd 2013 Tagged camping, advice, beach in Other Travel & Recreation
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Sounds like it's going to be a fun time for sure !
You said a "dog beach", does that mean there is some sort of confinement ?
If not, you must be confident about an immediate response to a recall command.
If you're not sure about that, then, you should have a Harness on your Dog, and buy a long Nylon Rope 1/4" diameter (50+ Feet long) where you have control of it's movements. Better safe than sorry, you do NOT know how She will act if she sees something in the water, and jumps in after it, or thinks she is defending you.
Additionally, a dog her size would require no less than One Gallon of Fresh CLEAN water per day.
Also be prepared to clean up after Poops.

This is a "first time out", so be prepared !

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