Candee Kangela Cane

Feeding my 10 week old puppy

I have a 10 week old Shih tzu, yorkshire terrier mix puppy. She is about 4 pounds. I feed her Science Diet. Right now I am feeding her 1/2 cup of food. Is that right? Should I be feeding her 2 or four times a day? The bag says that I should be feeding her 1 cup per day, but when I research on the web it says less. Help!

Asked by Candee Kangela Cane on Jan 21st 2009 in Food & Nutrition
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Why don't you try a half a cup two times a day and monitor your puppy's weight, keeping in mind she is suppose to grow a bit. Better for her to gain weight than to starve her and realize she needs more food. It's far easier to cut down the food intake of an overweight dog than to build up the proper weight for a dog that becomes ill due to lack of nutrition Puppies work off a lot of energy and need more than one meal a day in my opinion. Good Luck! She's a cutie!

answered on Jan 21st.

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Usually feeding guidelines exaggerate the amount needed to feed. Im not sure why makes no sense to me. Does your puppy still seem hungry after? I would stick to half a cup a day and if your puppy seems to lose weight then up it a bit if puppy gains then you will no to feed less. I have been told for puppies they should be fed 3 times a day.
Look at for more information about great dog food. I dont like science diet its filled with alot of fillers so honestly with a better food you will feed less as your puppy will get more nutritional goodness out of the kibble.

Boston answered on 1/21/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The problem is that every dog is different. Dogs vary in size, shape, physical activity, and growth spurts. My 11 weeks old American Bulldog weighs 16 lbs of solid muscle. I feed him 1/2 * 3 each day. 7 AM, 12, and then 5. I also feed him some beef liver during training, so that adds into it. He grew for one week where we were having to feed him 3/4 a cup because he was still hungry. Back to 1/2 and he is fine. It just depends on all those things I mentioned before. Try the guidelines and go from there (they are usually wrong). Also, if you feed a higher quality of food (higher protein, more vegs/fruits and less fillers), you will need to feed less. Keep changing and what not until she isn't hungry, if she looks swollen too much, lower the food (some dogs don't know when to quit and can always eat).

Moe answered on 1/21/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Ginger Smiles Primm

First, STOP FEEDING SCUENCE DIET!!!! I cant say enough bad stuf about SD! While my Jack was on it he became prematurely grey. I asked on this forum and everyone said it was the SD. That it was actualy cuting down his life expectancy! After changing food the greys went away. Now everytime I see a pup complaining about greys I say "stop feeding SD" They ALWAYS say "how did you know?" Im sure your vet offers SD in office but it doesnt make it good food.
Second, we feed our 10 pound MinPins a fourth a cup twice a day. Good luck!

Ginger Smiles Primm answered on 1/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer