Feather Clementine Velez - Hopping fence issues after we moved / Running away

Feather is a 4 yr old female Shiba Inu / German Shep mix...rescued from a shelter and is a very calm and gentle dog.
We have had Feather for the past 18 months -- we moved from Hawthorne to Culver City (7 miles away) this past August. However for 6 weeks of the move from Sept. to Oct. we were displaced - housesitting for 2 - 4 week stretches and staying in hotels. It was tough - and most of all Feather was staying at other people's homes or locked in our new home while it was undergoing massive renovations.
Now that we are all moved in, Feather has been hopping 6 foot fence. She injured both duclaws in separate instances (she's okay now). We were away last weekend and I think that has spurred her running away again - however she does not run far and is usually found in and around our front yard. We fear that she may be at risk of being hit by a car - on many occassions.

Any way we can reacclimate her to our new home?
Do you have a pet trainer / or therapist you can refer?

Asked by Member 1071278 on Nov 16th 2011 Tagged runningaway in Separation Anxiety
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Bruno CGC

I'd say just take it slow and be really nice to her for a while- lots of playtime, lots of little nibbles, so she associates the new house with fun times. Don't leave her unsupervised in the yard- if you have go out and can't leave her in the house, get a dog kennel (with a roof.)

I suggest contacting a behaviorist. "Trainers" are a mixed bag and some will use fear-based techniques that make behavior problems worse (they only mask the symptoms, not the underlying cause.)"Pet therapist" is not a recognized term and I would be suspicious of anyone using it. Check out:
You can also ask your vet about who in your area they could recommend, but keep in mind most vets have little training in behavioral issues and can make inappropriate recommendations.

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