Extremely Vocal Puppy?

I got a 5 month shih tzu puppy from a neighbor. I am her 4th home if you count the breeder. Her previous owners kept her locked away all day and RARELY let her around them or the rest of their apartment. I allow her free reign and she is slowly becoming more and more social. The biggest issue is that she is VERY vocal. She barks at everything and it is very difficult to get her to stop. We've been using removal, by taking her to another room, telling her to "leave it" and closing her in for about 10 seconds...just long enough for her to quiet. We then let her out, but almost immediately she is barking again. We tell her leave it and put her away for a bit longer. She is EXTREMELY attached to me, and seems to do a bit better when I tell her "leave it" and quiets down (somewhat) without being put away. We are constantly having to put her in another room and not getting to enjoy "us" time. Any other suggestions? Any little thing sets her off!

Asked by Sheba on Jun 8th 2010 in Barking
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Bear and Bambi - Mommys Angels

I have Chihuahuas and they bark at everything too. I have recently started the treat method ( like you I had tried everything else) I keep a jar of "special" treats, something they really like and do not get much of in the living room and kitchen. When they begin to bark I shake the treat jar and calmly say "Shhh" I then give a treat...this seems to be working as i see alot of improvement, mine are all 2 yrs + , so this method may actually better for you since your pup is young. Give it a may work, and good luck :)

Bear and Bambi - Mommys Angels answered on 6/8/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer