Ehrlichia reoccurance?

We have had our dog going on 4 years now. He was a stray that had been living at my brother's house for about a month--he's a full-blooded Cocker Spaniel. He was a mess when we got him and had no identification or anything. We took him to the vet to get cleaned up and checked out, vaccinated, etc. He had a pretty bad tick bite on his head, which came back positive for Ehrlichia. He was treated aggressively and immediately with antibiotics. Last January, we did a re-check and the line was almost gone, which meant he pretty much was now testing negative.
Last night, I took him to be looked at b/c in the past month he's decided to urinate in the house. I wanted to rule out anything being wrong with him and attribute it to behavioral (we have a new baby in the house). She gave him some antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, just to rule that out. I had run out of heartgard, so they went ahead and did the parasite tests they do. She said the Ehrlichia test had come back and the line was a little darker than last time, but still faint. She said it could be the antibodies had layed dormant but if now he has an infection, maybe it's causing the Ehrlichia antibodies to flare. She's not overly concerned, but does want to recheck in about 7 months just to make sure the line isn't any darker. At that point, if it is, she said we would retreat with the stronger antibiotics.
Has anyone ever gone through this?? I thought we were past it. I had worried myself with it and after last January was so relieved only to have it come up again. Do you think it's just the infection he's got now triggering something or is it coming back?? Should I wait that long to have him retested? She doesn't think the urinating in the house is as a result of ehrlichia b/c he only does it when we are at home and in the same spot (other than 1 other time he went in a different spot)...

Asked by Member 788430 on Jan 7th 2009 in Worms & Parasites
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