Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Training system...long-term results?

I just got this system 2 days ago and saw mixed reviews on another thread, but many positive in the short-term. I'm interested in longer-term reviews and how long you used the special collar and leads before weaning off them and moving back to regular leashes/collars. I'd welcome any general advice for long term success, especially when training two dogs.

Fwiw, had been at my wits end after spending a lot of $ on basic obedience, gentle leaders, bark-stop collars and eventually training bootcamp. Great results so far! My former dog-aggressive psycho leash pullers/Alaskan-musher wanna-bes are *much* better now; quiet and well-behaved...totally different dogs on leash. Both are deceptively strong; one is an Aussie shep/beagle/basenji mx; the other is probably some combo of Aussie cattle dog, Corgi, JRT, bull terrier.

Asked by Member 789983 on Jul 4th 2009 Tagged donsullivan, perfectdogsystem, commandcollar in Methods of Training
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As with ANY training, your dog must first respect you and want to please you in order for any method to work. Communication is the key, not the method. If your dog doesn't understand what you want No "system" will ever work effectively.

Training methods that are geared toward your dog personality will be far more effective in the long run.

After a dog learns a command it must be reinforced daily in order to remain effective or else the command will go into extinction.

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