Dogs first haircut is causing concern?

My little guy, Mason, is a purebred Bichon Frise and he just got his first hair cut. We used really gentle shampoo (brought it in specifically and he has never had a problem with it when we have just given him baths in the past,) but he just seems SO uncomfortable. He can't stop licking his's like it's driving him crazy as if something is bugging him down there. He is also twitching his ears. Do you think this is just him getting used to going from SUPER POOFBALL FURRY PUPPY FLUFF to being shaved down for the first time or is this something I should take him to the vet for?

Asked by Member 1150447 on Jan 17th 2013 Tagged bichonfrise, grooming in Professional Grooming
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Sometimes doggies can get irritations on their skin from the clippers and brushes that are used, especially on their private areas. There is a spray called "Microtek" that helps soothe irritated skin. Check with local groomers or pet health food stores to see if anyone around you has it. I would also let them know about the problem so that they are made aware that your puppy has sensitive skin. As far as his ears, they were probably plucked, because Bichon's are one of the funny breeds that grow hair in their ears, which could also cause a bit of discomfort if it was his first time. Keep an eye in them for redness, inflammation, and gooey stuff because if he had some yeast brewing in there beforehand, the bath water could have gotten in and created an infection.

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