Doggy Anxiety Disorders.HELP!

Ok so my 7 year old Malamute Has had Anxiety problems since she was a pup. Separation mainly. Now im pregnant with my second, and hubby is deployed, she has gone off the deep end. My choices are Pay thousands for special treatments(that might not even work), Deal with it,or put her down(vets and Humane society already said rehoming not an option for her)Do any of you have tricks of the trade to help with massive anxiety in large dogs? Natural relaxers do not work, caging does not work, Busy work does not work. Its meds and retraining or nothing Im told. I dont like Drugging animals cause they lose something ya know. But I also cant afford to have her destroying my house every time I walk into another room. And this might all get worse when the baby is born. Any Advise will be much appreciated. I really really dont want to have to put her down. The thousands is for the closet Behaviorists/Vet (6 hours away) and the meds he says she needs His consult fee, the HumaneS says its my only opt

Asked by Cheyenne on Apr 7th 2011 Tagged anxiety, happiness, treatment, behavior in Separation Anxiety
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You could hire a behaviorist for one or two sessions who can give you some direction on a regimen for helping the dog...that may cost a couple hundred at best. I'm unsure what you are referring to that would be thousands.

I recommend starting with this small book --

Also you might want to look into Reconcile which is the canine form of Prozac. It typically costs less than $10.00/month.

Lastly, I recommend posting your question in the Forums under "Behavior & Training", there are people there who have personal experiences and successes with Separation Anxiety and may have some better advice than I can give. Good luck!

Kolbe answered on 4/7/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Check out This is the Dog Whisperer's website. He offers some great tips and videos on how to deal with different behavioral issues. Check out the section on Anxiety. You might find some free tricks to try. If you don't, I suggest trying out the behaviorist... perhaps call and see if a behaviorist would be willing to meet with you via Skype on the internet or have you send them a video of how Cheyenne behaves. I would surely think they could give you some homework this way. I hope this helps, good luck!

Wyatt answered on 4/8/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I think the answers you got regarding Ceasar Milan the "Dog Whisperer" are on the right track. This dog should NOT have to be put down. Professionals like Vets and Humane Society people are trained to put safety first and are looking out for their liability issues first.

It sounds like this dog does need retraining. It is a highly dominate dog. Remember that Malamutes are only domesticated Wolves!

You have a pack animal. A pack is just another type of family in the animal world. He must feel confused about his place in the family. Your husband (the pack leader) is gone.

Ripping up the house when you walk into another room is not separation anxiety. It is plain and simple--DISRESPECT! This animal does not respect you or your belongings. Sorry. I am sure he loves you. Your love for him is blinding you. Sorry Again.

Being pregnant and having a child makes you vulnerable. I would look for someone authoritative that you know who would work with him and maybe adopt him for a while.

Jack answered on 4/17/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer