dog shivering and lethargic on and off for past few days

My 7 year old white miniature poodle has been having shivering spells on and off for the past few days. When she is having a spell she gets very lethargic and doesn't want to be around anyone and won't come when she is called, which is unlike her. She seems very tense when she is shivering, and is eating but not regularly. She is going to the bathroom regularly. We have taken her to the vet (though she was not shivering at the time we took her), but they were unable to find anything wrong with her even after we described her symptoms. Does anyone know what might be wrong or experienced anything like this?

Asked by Jessie on May 5th 2012 Tagged shivering, lethargy in Illness & Disease
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Years back my Huskie mix had similar shaking fits. Our vet at first thought that she had Addison's disease. We later found out that she had hypothyroidism (which actually fit with my description of her lethargy). But apparently the shaking is not a common symptom. We went back several times while she worsened and eventually wound up hospitalized before being put on medication and recovering fully.

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