Dog screams when car not moving

I have a mini australian shepherd that screams after he gets out of the car when he's at the park for his walk, or, when I leave him in his crate in the car even for very short periods of time, say to walk around to the door to let him out. Any ideas why he does this? and how to stop it?

he doesn't scream when he's not in his crate and I leave him in the car, but I can see he's not a happy dog riding in the car when he's not in his crate..

Asked by Member 1084317 on Feb 26th 2013 Tagged crate, scream, car in Other Behavior & Training
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Is your dog generally comfortable in the crate? If the crate isn't an issue in other situations, your dog is either very excited to get out and play or anxious because he is unsure of what is going on.
what worked for my (very anxious dog) was to introduce some command words like wait and you're staying. I never let her out of the car or even open her door if she's whining. I will stand right by her door until she gets quiet. The first time this took over an hour.
Before I put the car into park (this is her cue that I am getting out) I will either say "wait" or "you're staying". she has learned that wait means she is coming and you're staying means she isnt' coming. KNowing what's going on seems to help her.
Definitely don't open the door of the crate or the door of the car until your dog stops the screaming though. He will learn he needs to be calm in order to get out very quickly.

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