Dog runs away won't come back when called.

Our dog is a 5 year old Australian shepherd/lab mix. We rescued him from a shelter as a puppy. He is a very smart very good dog. He was very easy to train in almost everything. But he runs away every chance he gets and he won't come back. When on the leash he comes no problem. When in the house he always comes when called. But if one of the kids opens the door he bolts. Even when we would take him for 4 mile runs he would jump out of the car and if we didn't have a firm hold on him he would run and not come back. We always have to go get him usually with the car and a treat. He has traveled over a mile away at times. I can usually tell him to stay when in the house and he will. But lately he has been pushing past me. I don't want to leave him locked up in a crate all the time but I am getting ready to have another baby and if the kids go in and out he will run and with a new baby I won't always be able to jump up and go get him.

Asked by Member 1096761 on Mar 2nd 2012 Tagged dogs, runs, wontcomeback in Other Behavior & Training
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Since his recall is good on inside the house and on a leash i suggest taking him to a fenced in park or field and training him there with his recall.Since you have a baby on the way you are probably busy alot of the times getting ready for the baby, so i would also suggest finding a local dog trainer in your area.

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