Dog Nail Separated from Quick?

My dog's nail broke a few weeks back. The vet looked at it and said it looked like the quick was intact, so he let it be and gave my dog some antiobiotics for precaution. Well, naturally, my dog vomitted from the meds, so we discontinued with the vet's approval. Now, we noticed the dog's nail is completely up from the quick. Both the quick and nail feel really firm; you can't push them together at all. It looks like there was a little spot of dried blood on one side, but it looks intact now. And my dog didn't flinch at all when I touched either of these and examined them, and he's usually quite finicky. I posted photos at Any thoughts? We've already spent several hundred at the vet this last two weeks (dog just got over a nasty GI tract bug) and he's an extremely nervous dog, so it's extremely difficult getting him to calm down for the vet to see him. Thanks!!

Asked by Member 989233 on May 27th 2010 Tagged nail, quick, break in Emergencies & First Aid
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I see what you are saying. The quick looks bigger then the actual nail. So no sensitivity in the quick? I don't know why the nail versus quick is so big and little. Like the quick is huge and the nail is small. so, to me , it looks infected or inflammed. Your dog is sensitive? Is it possible to take her to the vet and put a bandana over her eyes? I would. Sometimes with nails you have to have the whole nail removed and the vet boots it. Then the nail will grow back over better. that's one shot. Then the other is to soak the foot in warm water & Epsom salts found in the drug store by laxatives, do not let your dog drink or eat the wateror salts, it will make him sick. Soak clean sterile bucket up to 3 x a day, every other day. If no luck return to vet.p.s. being sick, he could have some slow healing with nails also :)

Dieta answered on 5/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer