Dog is fine in house around family members but wants to go after everybody else i.e. neighbors, mailmen, friends

My dog is very calm and peaceful when he is in the house around my family. But anytime he sees someone from outside the house (neighbor, friends, mailmen, even cousins) he flips out and tries to attack. He got out once and tried to attack the neighbor. What can I do to change this behavior? Whenever someone comes over we have to lock the dog up. People are actually afraid to come over at times because of the dog

Asked by Member 1188072 on Sep 1st 2013 Tagged biting, attacking, aggressive, behavior in Aggression
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Tasha (in memory)

You need to RETRAIN your dog. Locking him up will not solve the problem when he is not locked up; it's just a quick fix, NOT a solution. Hire a trainer or seek the advice of someone experienced with dog training. This is a must, not something that you can ignore, because it will get worse. I have seen lovely, protective dogs that were required to be put to sleep by the county for one wrong bite. ^_^

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