Dog is depressed and now hates new puppy HELP!

Hi i have 2 dogs a pitbull who i've had since he was 2 months and a toy fox terrier who i got 6 months ago when the terrier was 6 months old and my pitbull was 2 years. They get along great and have no issues. A week ago I got a 2 month old chihuahua puppy. The terrier loves her and the pitbull did too for the first 2 days or so but now he has gotten very depressed and will avoid the puppy at all costs. Even growling if she touches him playfully. He does not want to sleep in my room and doesnt get too close to the pup before walking away. I have never known of my dog to growl at any dog or anybody. I have given him a lot of attention to help with jealousy but the problem remains. What can i do to make him come around??!!

Asked by Member 633147 on May 15th 2008 Tagged puppy, introducing, socialization, behavior, growling, depression, jealousy in Socialization
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Gray Dawn Treader

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I know someone who got a new puppy and her dog is older. Her older dog doesn't tolerate the pup to touch or even get close either because the older dog is in pain. Hhe has arthritis and has discovered after a few days that playing with the new pup makes him hurt worse. Maybe that is why you are having this problem. I don't know how old your pit is. Hope I have helped!

Venus answered on 5/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer