Dog Health Question.

My dog has been healthy all his life so far, Last night though he wasnt as excited when his dinner was being made and he had no interest in eating it at all. It took him almosst 4 hours to finish one bowl of his usual food.
Inbetween his eating he was taken out and had quite alot of diarrhoea. He had this again all today and i have found a white worm about 5 cm in length riggling in it.
It was only one and i have treated him with Advocate Worming and flea treatment.
Is there anything to worry about.?

Asked by Indie on Mar 7th 2012 Tagged dog, worms, wont, eat, diarrhoea, ill in Worms & Parasites
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Given his age it is possible that because of teething the kibble might be a bit painful to chew. You can try wetting it down with some water or unsalted beef or chicken broth.
Worms will definitely make him uncomfortable. I have not heard of Advocate, so I can not speak to that. You might want to take a fecal sample to the vet to determine what it is & which product is best.
Side note...Squam has struggled with loose/runny stools for most of his life also. I have him on Prozyme, which is an enzyme-probiotic. It has done wonders for his stool.

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