Dog Birthday party?

It's Bella's birthday on the 8th of October, and I am making her some gifts, as well as taking her to the Family Fur and Fun event for our SPCA where we adopted her from. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone think this is overboard for a dog? I already purchased some gourmet dog cookies for her and the other dogs. Are there any recipes for cakes that are safe for dogs, and not overly fattening or unhealthy that are also yummy for humans to eat? With no meat, please. I also plan on making her a hoodie, a bed, some toys, and some other goodies. Anyone have more suggestions for her birthday?

Asked by Isabella "Bella" on Sep 25th 2011 Tagged birthday, dog, party, bella, pug, dachshund, black, party in News & Events
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I answered your other question but I forgot to add more ideas on what to do for Bella's birthday.

Hot dog bobbing
Tennis ball bobbing
Photographer (someone to take pictures of your dog)
Paw painting (Dip Bella's paw in non-toxic paint and place her paw on a piece of paper and you'll have her paw!)
Training/trick contest (Whichever dog does the best, they get to take home a filled goodie bag)
Dog park (Take your dog to the dog park to interact/play with all the other dogs)
Costume contest (Whichever dog comes with the best costume on wins a goodie bag)
A trip to the dog bakery (Take your dog to the dog bakery so she can pick out all the treats she wants)

Dogs don't know what a birthday is so they like just about anything.

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