Does my dog have Worms and are they a danger to humans?

I got my 8 month old Jack russel bout 1.5 months ago from a rescue. She has had two doses of interceptor and frontline since I have gotten her. I have given two stool samples to my vet in the last 2-3 weeks and she says that they look fine, but my husband keeps telling me that he sees white rice-like things in her stool that move...if it's not worms what could it be? He feels that she should not be able to roam around the house because they could be a danger to us if they are worms ( he says that they could kill us) this true? He is making her spend most of the time in her crate because he feels so strongly about this (it is to cold outside). This makes me and her very sad and I'm sure it is not good for her....please help!! Any one have suggestions

Asked by Baily on Mar 5th 2008 Tagged worms, parasites, stool, intercepter, frontline in Worms & Parasites
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Interceptor is ineffective toward tapeworms, which is the potential worm fitting the description (rice-like). And your typical "puppy" dewormer is also ineffective toward tapeworms.

Often times, tapeworms are missed at the vet's office b/c stool samples are 1) not fresh or 2) nothing is seen in the small sample taken (a fecal exam only requires a less-than-pea-size sample of feces, and even infected dogs may not exhibit eggs or adults in these tiny samples).

Ask your vet for a dewormer specifically for tapeworms (Droncit or praziquantel). Also, make sure your pet is FLEA-FREE!!! As fleas are the primary source of tapeworms (frontline will do the trick with fleas on your dog, but you also need to make sure the environment is clear of fleas).

Dewormers of any kind are relatively harmless if given to a dog that may not even have a problem with worms of any kind. Hence, giving any type of dewormer as a precaution is a good idea!

This is why it's recommended ALL pups be dewrmd

answered on Mar 5th.

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Wow, thats very odd that the vet is telling you her stool samples are fine.

My advice:

#1 - Find a new vet. I rescued my pup when he was 8 weeks and we had to deworm him almost 6 times before they were 110% sure they were gone and he actually had parasites as well, which are very harmful to children and the dog.

Find a vet who sends the stool samples out to a lab. Thats what mine does and thats why it took us long to get rid of them because they kept finding things. Even after the worms were apparently gone, they still dewormed him for the last time to MAKE SURE!

Im not saying anything bad about your vet but they should be able to tell you and you should be able to trust their answers that they give you.

Few tips:

Wash your hands after picking up the stool.
Dont let the dog lick you in the face either.

Just to be on the safe side.

Hope this helps!

Achilles answered on 3/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I would look for a new vet if yours does not have modern equipment or send things out. Sasha had been checked and dewormed for roundworms by a vet in another county. I had her checked anyway because my dogs sleep on my bed. She had whipworms. The first office was mad when I called them to let them know as they were still treating her puppies.
Lily came from a shelter - no worms. When checked by my clinic, she, too, had whipworms. Apparently they are more common in the part of the state these two came from.
Concerning samples -I take in a whole bowel movement (2 ziplock bags in disposable plastic container) & my office wants it as fresh as possible. They say some worms don't survive long out of the body.
You're right, that cute little dog needs to be interacting with her family, but your husband needs know she's clear.
I dog sat for my granddaughter's pup, saw white & colored things, took in a sample, got a call - she had eaten Easter eggs (before she arrived here)! Bye-bye $15

Lily answered on 3/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Actually, we've been learning all about parasites and worms and most (but not all) are NOT a danger to humans. And the ones that usually can infect humans require that the human ingests feces - so, please do not eat your dog's poop! Obviously if the dog had been taking care of some "clean-up" with her tongue and then was able to somehow lick your mouth, you could get the worms (if they're worms that even like humans), but I think you can keep that from happening pretty easily and NO they won't kill you.

Cami answered on 3/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If the vet had found any worms he would have recommeded dewormer. Now As for anyone getting anything from them I doubt that to be a problem. I had a foster dog with 7 puppies that all had worms till mom was getting near the end of nursing them then all 7 pups and mum had to be dewormed and no one in my house ever got anything from handling these animals and playing with the puppies. I would again ask the vet what it might be that your husband is seeing. And also take one of the stools that your husband claims seeing the worms in.

Valley answered on 3/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Buddie

Usually the only danger is to young children who might come up on a pile of feces while playing outside and then subsequently put their hands into their mouths.

If you're not comfortable with the diagnosis you got from your vet, consider a second opinion or as someone else suggested, take the suspicious poop intact to your vet to so he can see exactly what you're concerned about. It's probably something that's easily corrected with the right medication.

Good luck!

Miss Buddie answered on 3/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Clay R.I.P. my handsome boy!!

It's not really necessary to find a new Vet.
There are only certain times that the tape worms or any worm for that matter sheds eggs.You dog may not have a heavy case of the taope worms and that is why they are not seeing the eggs being shed in the stool samples you are taking in.The next time that you see or your husband sees a tape worm in her stool then have him scoop it up and take i to the vet.The Vet can't treat what they don't see.The 2 products you mentioned do not take care of tape worms.There is a product call Droncit that you get from your Vet to take care of them. Yes people can get them but it takes a long time for them to become so severe that a person would get really sick from them.So tell your husband to relax.You can also "google"tape worm and see the info and show your husband. But call your Vet and tell them what you have seen.Tapeworms normally come from ingesting infected fleas or eating a rodent,rabbit or other animal with tapeworms.

Clay R.I.P. my handsome boy!! answered on 3/6/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer