Does anyone have any experiences with Dees Doggie Den in Dallas?

I'd like to hear it all - good things, bad things, things you noticed or would change!

I've never boarded either of my dogs EVER, but if I ever thought about doing it I wanted to go with "the works" presented at Dees Doggie Den's website, (suite, Chloe would get playtime during the day, etc.) But, knowing more than what's presented at a website is better - so please, tell me ALL!

Asked by Chloe on Sep 22nd 2007 Tagged recommendations, help, boarding, doggiedaycare in U.S. Southwest
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Badger Hunter's Little Smokie

Howl-dy Chloe! We've never been IN Dees Doggie Den, but Mom had to go there to sign up for the Walk n Wag. They didn't go in bee-cause it was on Mom's lunch hour and they had a table set up outside for picking up your registration.

She did notice a sign on the door that puzzled her. It said "Do not pet the dogs. Not even your own" or something like that. She asked the lady why you couldn't pet your own dog. She said that bee-cause some dogs get possessive of their owners or the excitement for everywoof would cause a fight.

Badger Hunter's Little Smokie answered on 9/23/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

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