does anyone have a photo of a Shitz zu/ min pin breed. Just wondering what one might look like.

I have a friend who has a male min pin and wanted to breed it with my shitz zu. Just wondering if anyone had a pic of these two breeded together. Thanks!

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Before I show you any pictures, I'd like to give you a warning: breeding without knowing what you are doing only increases the risks of complications in breeding, pregnancy, and whelping. Often fatal complications. Our pop culture shows breeding as a task that is heartwarming and fun. Be aware of the reality--it can also be heartbreaking (there is always a risk to the life and/or health of sire, dam, and pups) and many tire quickly of caring for and cleaning up after puppies day after day for two months. Also, without the important genetic health testing, you risk passing on genetic health problems such as hip dysplicia, PRA, and poor cardiac health. Temperament is also a huge factor, and you need to know how to properly bring up puppies so that they will grow into well-mannered adults. Breeding mixed breeds purposely, as well, is a totally unnecessary--one is tempted to say irresponsible--action, since 75% of the dogs in our nation's animal shelters are mixed breeds.

Here's a picture I found in Google:
Keep in mind that this is only one possibility. There are several ways a mix of MinPin and Shih Tzu could turn out, especially considering it's a mixed breed.

My website is an *introduction* to the world of responsible dog breeding:
~Tiffany, breeder-in-training

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Here is a profile of a Miniature Pinscher/Shih Tzu Mix:

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Oh geez, get these pets spayed and neutered.
The last thing this world needs is another BYB (back yard breeder).
People need to wake up and realize the extent of the problem this world is having with the pet population. Thousands of animals are euthanized daily, one reason being there just isn't enough homes for them all. Why add to it?
Breeding should be left to the professionals.

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Please don’t breed a litter of mongrels. The pounds are full of cute crosses and pure breds. If you want another puppy, go get one at the pound. Breeding is dangerous to the dog and produces unwanted puppies that end up dying in a shelter.

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When breeding two different breeds of dogs together you are breeding mutts...It is a genetic crap shoot as to how the pups will turn out in looks, health & temperament.
I am sure if you go to you will find many mutts of this same cross...They all need homes...Please do not breed more mutts to add to the problem.

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A shih tzu/min pin is not a breed, it is a mutt! Why would you add more mutts to the thousands already dying for lack of homes? Get these dogs spayed and neutered so they can be the good pets you desire. I'm sure you got them as loving pets... neutering makes that happen, breeding doesn't. Your female's temperament will change, she may become aggressive to family members and your male will begin lifting his leg all over the place.

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All i can do is shake my head on this. What I really wanna do is smack some sense into people and say WAKE UP!!!!!. Breeding dogs is not a game or a business. Go to your local shelter and see how many unwanted animals are there because of foolish people like yourself.

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