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Does a dog need probiotics like humans?

My dog is currently on 500 mg cephalexin twice daily for at least 30 days, so far it's been almost 2 wks. and she seems to be licking herself (private area) much much more than before. I was wondering if she could need some kind of probiotic, the same as some humans when they take antibiotics.

Asked by ~*Phoebe Buffay*~ on Mar 26th 2008 Tagged probiotics, antibiotics in Health & Wellness
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I have to disagree with Jack's recommendation of giving plain yogurt in your situation.

Yogurt is a great diet additive in a normal, healthy dog - that's absolutely correct. However, if you are seeing tummy issues, especially on antibiotics, an actual probiotic in a pill would be a much better choice, as yogurt can contribute to tummy issues such as the runs due to the fact that it contains lactose and most contain sugars / sweeteners or flavoring.

You can purchase probiotics for dogs at most quality, smaller pet stores, or you can order them online. We get ours from PetSage, which is a store that is local to us, but also has a website at www.petsage.com that you can order from.

Abby answered on Mar 27th.

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That is a really long time to be on that drug. I'm sure the vet has a reason, but the length is concerning since she could get some secondary yeast infections.

That could be why she is licking herself, so do check in with your vet.

The safest, best bet would be to add a bit of nonfat, plain no sugar added yogurt to her food. Pick one that has some probiotics in it, already. I use Mountain High yogurt (Dannon makes a good plain one, too) and I give it to Jack one in a while, but especially if he's got to take antibiotics. Just a teaspoon or two helps coat the tummy and promote the good gut bacteria and it is perfectly healthy for dogs, provided they don't have any kind of dairy allergy and that you make sure you get the nonfat, plain kind.

It also helps a bit with loose stools that can happen when a dog is on medication like this for a while.

Hope she's better soon! She's so cute.

Jack answered on 3/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yes, you should give her probiotics while she's on the antibiotics. Plain yogurt with active cultures is okay, or you can get a probiotic supplement for dogs... they have some good ones at www.petnutritionproducts.com.

Member 512988 answered on 3/26/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer